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Agnes Raap
In memory of Carolyn Shepard
Aileen Bomersback
Alex Kitchie
Amazing leadership, commitment, and devotion.
Alexander Genetos
Allison Marino
Amanda Torres
Amanda Whiffing
Analisa Condon
Thank you to the faculty and staff at RDHS! Our students, parents, and alumni are in good hands!
Ann Demand
In honor of our 45th Reunion this Year - To all the wonderful classmates from the Class of 1978! Learned so much, had so much fun and made life long friendships that continue today.
Ann and Michael Malone
In honor of Sr. Marion O'Connor and Sr. Marie Bride Walsh
Anna Durkin
Anne Kaiser
Anne Marie Brunner
Anne Wyrsch Butler
In honor of Fred Wyrsch
Annie Tully
In honor of Madame Mary Ellen Scandale
Antoinette Rigali
In gratitude of Melanie Carlson Peterson who reunites our class of ‘81 every year. 👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻
Ashley Walbridge
Barbara (Bobbie) (Furst) Engeldahl
Enjoy your time at Regina, know that you are loved by many!
Becca Schatz
Class of 2008!
Berrin Ozbilgin
In memory of Madame Scandale
Beth Bracco
Brady Luby
In honor of John T Luby
Breanne Liscinsky
In honor of Class of 2001 🐾
Bridget Baumstark
Brigid Reilly Weiller
In honor of The dedicated RDHS staff, past, present, and future!
Candace Fabri
Carol Foy Graham
In honor of Sister Rita Cecile OP
Who taught us that “All you get from sitting on your laurels, is crushed laurels”
Caroyn Ashley
Catalina Ruiz kadjan
Catherine Barry
Catherine Garvey Goldthorpe
In memory of Laura Mackie Forrest
Catherine Greisch
Catherine Krafft
Catherine Simon
Cathy Byrne Kleeman
Cheryl Cesario
Cheryl Longhini
Christine Finzer
In honor of Judy F Ryan, '70 & '74 deceased classmates
Colleen Kelley
Colleen Kent Armgardt
In memory of All the deceased members of the Class of 1977
Can't believe it's been 50 years since we were students.
Colleen Wilkins
In memory of John B Cashion, a proud father to three Regina alumni
Connie Morrison
Consuelo Michelle Martinez-Quattrocchi
Corinne McClintic
Cristy Athas
Dalila Wendlandt
Danielle De Vera
Dave and Dawn Ludden
Love what’s happening here. Thank you for making this such a great experience for Kate!
Denise Mulcrone OConnor
In memory of Mary Peg Marsh (1948-2018)
Mary Peg Marsh, Class of 1966, was a Science/Math/Gifted-Talented teacher in Colorado and New Mexico for over 40 years. She loved teaching and was especially dedicated to teaching students who were underserved in Taos, New Mexico. She was incredibly smart, a free spirit, a great cook, a creative decorator, and she had a great sense of humor. She is missed!
Diane Banas
Spirit sticks with '66! Lyrics to our class song.
Diane Clarke
Diane Garvey
In honor of Cathy Garvey Goldthorpe "83
I was thrilled to be back at RDHS to celebrate the 2023 graduates and Cathy Garvey Goldthrope '83, the 2023 alumna medalist. The new entrance, "Heart of the School," looks great. Congratulations to all, including the terrific faculty and staff. Go Panthers!
Diane House
Donald E Sprague & Ray Grant
In honor of Sr. Nancy Murray OP
Keep up the good work preparing confident women, dedicated leaders!
Dorie Schulte Westmeyer
Dorothea Genetos
Dorothy Walega
Elizabeth A Luxem
Elizabeth LaPorte-Stott
Great four years at Regina - I appreciate, now more than ever, the wonderful friendships made, and the opportunities for leadership and learning that Regina provided - all provided such a strong, positive foundation for my career and life. (Although, at age 63, I still have anxiety nightmares about final exams in Sister Marie Barb’s Algebra class - nightmare being that I hadn’t attended class all semester and then was faced with taking the exam - Yikes!)
Elizabeth McCann
Elizabeth Yablonicky
Ellie Rich
Emily Adelson
Emily Kallemeyn
I am very grateful to Regina for the education I received and the friends I made!
Emma Sabres
Fred Donnelly
Fred and Mary Kate Donnelly
Gail Sweeney Ghere
In memory of Eileen Sweeney (Sister, Class of ‘69)
Geri Shaw
We look forward visiting Regina again---especially once the new construction is completed!
Gina Sariri Frank
In honor of Carole Frank
Grace Schatz
Grace Spiewak
Grant and Chrissie Balbarin
We are a Happy Regina Family! Norie is so happy here.
Helene Genetos
In memory of Sr. Rita Cecile Boyle
She challenged me to be my best self.
Jackie Fuentes
Paws Up!
James Maloney
Regina has been instrumental in the intellectual, spiritual, and social development of my two daughters. We need to support such a needed institution.
Jane Durkin
Jeanne DeMint
Jennifer Herrington
Jennifer Shand
Jerilyn Cascino
Joan Gimour
Joan Kitchie
Joan Kitchie
Joanna Nicholas
In honor of Honor Dempsey
Joanne Marsh
In honor of Mary Marsh
Joanne Oppenheimer
John Shanahan
Building confident strong young women
Judith Muench
Just want Regina to go forward in these times.
Julia & Mark McGuire
For the education in and out of the classroom it provides our daughter and other young women.
Julie Gamber Pfab
Julie Koenigsberger
In honor of Jennifer Herrington
Stand up to celebrate Jennifer Herrington’s innovative program redesign and caring mentorship at the helm of Leadership Institute over the last four years. What a difference you’ve made in the lives of your students and what a legacy of leadership excellence you leave behind!
Julie Proesel
Karen Kanzia
Regina has provided young women with an excellent education for all aspects of the lives.
Karen McAuliffe
Karen Scotese
I’m a retired faculty member. I’d like this to enable more girls to study at Regina.
Karen Smith
Kate McHugh Knopick
So appreciative of my four years there, especially having an experience where every leader of every team and club was a woman. If you can see it, you can be it. Thank you, Regina teacher and staff!
Katherine Baxter
Katherine Williams
Kathleen FitzPatrick
In memory of S. Rita Cecile Boyle
Thanks to Regina and teachers like S. Rita Cecile, I was very well prepared for college, graduate school and a career in higher education.
Kathleen Giblin
Kathleen Kinsella
In honor of Dennis J. Kinsella (longtime RDHS sub & alumnae dad)
Kathleen Maher
Kathleen Shanahan
Kathleen Shanahan
I’m so thankful for the education I received and the lifelong friendships formed at RDHS!
Kathleen Shea
Kathleen Shea
A Regina education is priceless and forever!
Kathleen Tamayo
In honor of Dr. Joanna Maurice Parial
Joanna is a brilliant woman of faith, a friend to all and a compassionate physician who makes life better for everyone she meets. She inspires me every day!
Kathy & Gary Forcier
Katie Rockelmann Compernolle
I love hearing about the Regina community's accomplishments. Regina folk, you rock!
Katie Bak
All the amazing people - such an incredible community, especially these lovelies from the class of ‘04!
Katie Boysen
Katie Lawler
Katrina Natonton-Anwaya
Lana Coelho
In honor of Sister Rita Cecil
In memory of Sister Rita Cecil
Laura Berrafato
Laura Collins
Laura Kitchie
Laura Vogel
Liezel Munez
Linda Bayer
In honor of My dad, Richard Ruddy
Thank you to all Regina staff during 1964-1968 for all the wonderful knowledge and experiences you provided. So many of my great memories are tied up in Regina!
Linda Diekman
Linda Sorensen
Lisa Spano
I have great memories from my days at Regina. Cheers to the mighty class of 1981 🥂!
Lourdes Gonzalez
So excited to support RDHS
Lydia Marti
Madeleine McGuire
In honor of Verna Allworth and Joan Kitchie
I am so glad for all I get to experience at Regina and Mrs Allworth and Mrs Kitchie play such an important role in that for me.
Maeve Newton
Mardi Woodward
In honor of Sister Ann Fallon
Margaret Cremin
Margy Roberts
In honor of Classmates of ‘75 turning 66 years of age this year!
Maria Skoulidas Lazarevic
Because my experience at Regina Dominican high school shaped the rest of my life, and I am not considered a very successful woman, both professionally and personally. Thank you to all those that, dedicated their lives to teaching me how to be a strong and independent woman. I will always be indebted to my high school.
Marianne Heavey
Marion Gajek
Martha Hebert
Mary Ann Chambers
Mary Anne Kelly
Mary Beth Sasso
Mary Ehlers Ashton
In honor of The Leadership Institute Scholars and their significant achievements this past year!
My appreciation for my education at Regina continues to deepen with time. I am forever grateful for the values, leadership skills, confidence, optimism, and life-long friendships!
Mary Hrovat
We need well educated women to pave the way for a better future for everyone.
Mary Jo Potter
In honor of Adrian Dominican Sisters
Mary K Collins
Mary LeGere
Mary Lou Skalkos
Mary Margaret Cowhey
Mary Martin
Thank you for the excellent education!
Mary Mott-McNamara
Mary Noonan
Mary Purciarello
Mary White
Mary and Midge Travnik
In honor of Joan Kitchie/Verna Allworth
Maura C. Jans
Maureen Donehoo
Maureen Kelley Stewart
In memory of Nancy J. Schweitzer
Nancy was my best friend at Regina. She passed away nearly three years ago, and I miss her dearly. RIP dear friend.
Maureen ODonnell
Maureen Sweeney
In honor of my sister, Eileen Sweeney '69
Proud to be a Regina alum!
Maureen Zajac
Melanie Peterson
In honor of Laura Bartosz
Mia Gutsell
Michele Gemskie
In honor of Sr. Claire
In memory of Sr. Claire and all those who taught the Class of 1987 and have passed away
Michelle Buck
In honor of My niece, Allison Buck, Regina Class of 2025
Mike Driscoll
I have strong daughter to prove it is the way to educate our children.
Mike Small
Molly Freund
Nancy Murray
In memory of Mary Ellen Scandale and Sr Helen Therese Mayer OP
"Carry on and be brave!"
Nancy Nolan Ouska
Nancy Nora
Nancy Oroni Diini
My experiences at Regina encouraged me to be myself and explore all my dreams and choices.
Nancy Smith Purpura
Neil & Laura Drohan
Neil Hoyt
Neil Kitchie
Regina----Stand Up!!!!- and glad to have such a wonderful place.
Nicole Berardi
Nina Menon
In honor of Mary Ellen Scandale
Nora Quinlan
Pamela Cassidy
Pattie Fuentes
In memory of Molly Nelson Harris '97
Molly was a bright light while at Regina and lit up every room she walked into, pure joy to work with!
Patty McCann
Payton Olszewski
Peggy Kerrigan McNulty
Peggy McCormick
In honor of Dianne McDonell
Quinn Schmiege Nyhan
Reese Bankston
Rose Clarkin Stack
Here's to all of the parents, who sacrificed to provide their daughters with an excellent education. Girls Rock!
Ryan Kitchie
The most influential women in my life are panthers.
Sally Staff
Sam Stunkel
Sandra Riordan
Sara Whiffing
Shaun Mc Kall
Sheila Kailus
Sr Nancy Murray
Stacey Blasko
Stephanie Uhlarik
In memory of In memory of and in gratitude for my parents, Thomas and Mona Uhlarik, who gave me the great gift of an excellent Regina Dominican education.
Susan Bennett
In memory of Deceased members of the class of '70
Susan Casper
Susan Gibbs
In honor of Reenie McGavock
Susan Schultz
Susan. Sanders
Terre Tuzzolino
Tery Delgado
Cheer cheer for the class of ‘83!
Therese Guercio
Thomas Hancuch
Thomas Jaconetty
Thomas Podbielski
Timothy Sweeney
In honor of Eileen Sweeney
Tom Brady
In honor of The Adrian Dominican Sisters
Their commitment to education of women
Trish De Preter
Valerie Harper
I want to pay forward the lifetime of learning, skills and dear friends.
Veronica Mathein
To Kitty, Mary and Donna - dinner buddies sixty years after graduating from Regina! Lifetime friends.
Vicki Bair
John broderick
Pamela bachmeyer
Stephen gibbons
In honor of Madame Scandale
Great faculty, staff, coaches, parents, alum = great students and great experiences.
RD was such a positive influence on my own life and my daughter's!

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